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About us

Madden NFL series is EA’s famous game. There are so many fans all over the world. Our website is also about this famous game. We will be on the site to show players more Madden NFL series guides, tips and some related game video. If you can help to your players, we will be very honored.

About our content

All content is made by us personally, including text, images and related videos. We will try our best to ensure the authenticity of our content, and as far as possible to ensure that players will not be misled. Of course, if you want to participate in our content production, we are also very welcome. You can contact us at contact us page.

About us

We are a group of old players with more than 10 years of gaming experience and we love every day we spend in the game. Madden NFL series is our favorite game. We also look forward to this game can have more and more players involved. If you have some understanding of this game, then our website can help you.

About copyright

We will personally make our content, so we reserve all rights in the copyright. Of course, we do not deny the non-commercial reprint / use of our content, but before that, please get in touch with us.