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Guide and Tips For Madden NFL 18 Offense and Defense

Madden NFL 18 if now offering the most real mechanism in this series. Which means the game is now more authentic and engaging, but you have to be extra mindful in moving the chains and to get to the end zone. If you are having in playing the game and you wish to be much more accurate we have covered it all for you. Here we will give you with some tricks, tips and guide to get the best players to dominate in the competition of Madden NFL 18 online. In the offense tips below complete information is given to dominate the offensive side of ball.

Madden 18 Offense tips:

As soon as you start playing, watch the position of defenders on field. If the defenders are very near to your receivers, then coverage is man, however if they back off, it is likely to be a zone.

If two of the defenders move at same time which means comes ahead to line and another one fills its place, then player who moves forward is making himself ready to blitz. As a rule, use aggressive blocking only for offensive line only if you really need. If you are not confident about the move that you have taken, then you can switch to other play in same foundation by clicking square/X.

To change route of single receiver, click triangle/Y, click the corresponding button and then alter the route with analogue sticks, trigger buttons, D-pad and analogue sticks.

Madden 18 Defense tips:

Defense tips for Madden 18 given below will provide you the edge. Watch how offense team lines up with regard to your defense. And check if you have players in the coverage to match to every receiver? If you don’t have, or wish to modify anything then press triangle/Y and corresponding button on the head of the defender to alter their assignment. You can select a player to control while playing defense and then you can move freely. However stick to the assignment or else the complete play will be a disaster in the end if the receiver goes entirely uncovered.

Guide on how to return kickoff and Player ratings

You wish to follow your blockers while returning a punt or a kick and so you have to do this, choose the option to come down in the middle. Once the receiver catches the kicked ball, go for the blockers who are directly in front of you.

Madden NFL 18 tips

In this guide we will run down the best players at each position on field, to provide you with an understanding of the best team in game, and also the weaknesses, and strengths of each team. Like for instance you need an offense which focuses on the pass, then you should go for Green Bay or New England however if you wish to have a team which favors running back then you can go for Dallas or Seattle.

In the above given information we have covered with some Madden 18 tips and guide for a better play. However if you wish to get more understanding you can see the videos of how Madden 18 looks like and understand the play better.